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Merry Christmas Snowy Vixen by melodythelittlepony Merry Christmas Snowy Vixen by melodythelittlepony
This is for you :!: You are a FANTASTIC artist - one of the best I have ever met!! :D Your anime pictures are absolutely astounding. :D And you are so so sooo kind! You ALWAYS comment on my pictures and your comments make me feel happy! So thank you so much, Snowy! :hug:

Have an awesome Christmas and a brilliant New Year! :glomp:

Snowy Vixen belongs to the ultimi-talented

Oh yes, btw, I used glitter glue on the snow... but you can't really tell. ^^;
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Elektra-Malfoy Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2004

i think that Lils said it! NOBODY can draw animals like you! especially very HUGGABLE, CUTE and FLUFFY ones!!! :glomp: PHANTASMAGORICAL work Cait!!! :boogie: i'm POSITIVE that Snowy will :heart: it coz i know i do!!! :nod::nod::nod::nod:

*D'artangnon (is that how you spell it???) waltzes up*

D: 'Good afternoon. i don't suppose you know where i could find the Musketeers? I was off chasing the- *gets cut off*

Sam: 'That's lovely! *cough* now what do you think of Caitie's pic?'

D: 'It's really nice... now as i was saying i was off chasing the bad guys coz they stole my sword- *gets cut off again*

Sam: 'Aren't the pokemon so cute?!?! :aww:

D: 'Yeah... really... And you wouldn't BELIEVE how they stole it! I was asleep in my room and-*again! :giggle:*

Sam: and Snowy's eyes! sooo beautiful!!!

D: *sigh* 'well FINE if you don't want to hear my story!'

Sam: ' WELL you are SUPPOSED to be admiring Caitie's pic!... isn't the background lovely? ooo! look at the trees!!! :wow:'

D: 'It really is very nice Cait! :nod: i'm sorry about before... not really focusing on your delightful pic! I'm such a whelp that i tend to get carried away with myself and Athos is normally here to wack me over the back of the head...' ^^;

Sam: 'Good boy D! *pats him* well that's enought from us! i'm going to finish another comment before going! LOVE this pic! :nod: it's fantastic!!! :clap: :wave: bye!
snowyvixen Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004   Digital Artist
Oh my gosh! Melody you are SUCH a sweetheart :glomp: :heart: The same to you. :hug: :+fav:
marine-ala Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004
that is... i dunno how to say! nobody can draw animals as great as you do!! :D :D :D
StormRing Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004
Soooo...Cute! *Hugs*
chloeakauumie Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004
Such a very pretty creature! And you drew it so cutely! (is that a word?) :aww:
LittleMissMew Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So pretty!^^
Nice work Melody!
lilna Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww... cute!! ^^
EclipsedMeh Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004

looks so sweet

the eye is very well drawn.. I bet vixen will love it:D

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December 24, 2004
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